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Setting Up Google Analytics in Volusion Winter '09 and V5
Last Updated: 11/17/2009

Integrating your Volusion online store with Google's Analytics service is a simple process that can give you access to a wealth of information tracking and statistical reports regarding your Volusion store - including incoming web traffic, visitor statistics and more. What's best about Google Analytics is that the service it totally free! You just need a Google account and, of course, a Volusion Winter '09 or V5 store.

Getting Started:

First and foremost, you will need to create a Google Analytics account to take advantage of Google's statistics service with your Volusion store. Simply go to to begin the registration process.

Part I - Creating a Google Analytics Account:

  • Proceed to If you don't have a Google account (e.g. a Gmail account), you will have to register for one here first.
  • Once you've registered for a Google account, sign into the Analytics page to begin registration.
  • Click "Sign Up"
  • Next, enter information about your Volusion store and click "Continue".
  • Next, enter your personal information and click "Continue".
  • On the next screen, agree to Google's service conditions and click "Create New Account".
  • Next, you will be presented with a page containing some Java Script code. You will need to copy and paste this code into your Volusion store (see Part II of this article). Click "Continue" when ready (Note - for an alternative Google Analytics integration script from Volusion, see below).
  • Now you will be logged into your Google Analytics account's main page. This page will be updated with statistical information regarding your Volusion store periodically by Google's analytics system.

Next, you must take the Java Script code provided by Google and copy it into your Volusion store. Here's how:

Part II - Installing the Google Analytics Code:

  • Log into your Volusion Admin Page and click on the Design tab.
  • Click on the "LiveEdit File Editor" link in the menu bar. (Version 5 )
  • Next, in the Shortcuts table in the Live Edit page, click on the template_xxx.html link (where xxx is the number or name of your Volusion store template. (Version 5 )
  • In the Live Edit window, scroll to the bottom of the page and in your template code, look for the tag marked "</body>"
  • Paste the Java Script code from the Google Analytics page into your Live Editor just above this tag.
  • Click Save Changes and you're done! (Version 5 )

Alternative Analytics Code:

For users who wish to have a more thorough integration with Google's analytics system, including additional information in your analytics reports, Volusion offers the following code as an alternative to the default analytics script provided by Google. This code is Volusion specific and is compatible with Volusion Winter '09 and V5 only.

Simply substitute Google's default analytics script with the selection of code below. Be sure to substitute the "UA-xxxxxxx-x" variable below with your Google Analytics account number.


Once this is done, your Volusion store is now integrated with your Google Analytics account. Please note that it will take some time before Google's system updates data obtained from your Volusion store but soon you will be able to receive detailed reports on your online store's web activity, visitors and more.

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